Integrity Due Diligence

Individual Due Diligence and Corporate Due Diligence:

The benefitsof proceeding with well-informed facts in decision-making cannot be stressed enough. Hence, looking at the background, track-record and reputation of a target should not be underestimated when making investments. This is why MLB Advisory strongly supports the idea of applying Integrity Due Diligence as a part of the overall due diligence process for companies operating on the Russian market.

MLB Advisory´s Integrity Due Diligence provides our clients with detailed insight into the target company, its principals, history and transactions, enabling our clients to identify and address risk issues before the new relationship is established.

Our very experienced team has conducted vast numbers of Integrity Due Diligence assignments over the years and they have unique knowledge about and insight into risks associated with practically all sectors and jurisdictions in the Russian Federation.

To undertake this highly advanced work we have created one of the largest Compliance Due Diligence teams in the market. All team members have been trained in both the substantive legislation and the necessary skills to produce concise factual reports.

A proper and well-executed Due Diligence (DD) reduces the risk of a bad deal and that saves money for the investor. MLB Advisory identifies and quantifies risks so that any problems can be detected and treated early.

We provide a DD that is a reliable support for the client´s upcoming negotiations. Through our network of trusted sources, we conduct Integrity Due Diligence with quality procedures combining in-depth knowledge, public records and information gathering.

All sources are public and /or driven by the consent of the target to be examined.