Way of working

The MLB Advisory way of working:

The MLB Advisory way of working


By offering a local solution, based on General Relations (GR) analysis and buy-in, in combination with excellent intelligence, focussed strategic advice and operational support, MLB Advisory is able to providecomprehensive and result-oriented services, ranging from initial presentations to the completion of sophisticated and highly-complex projects.

Our “secret” for success is based on our deep understanding, long experience, extensive networks and contacts at decision-making level, and a thorough knowledge of the markets and their mechanisms in the Russian Federation.

MLB Advisory’s unique ability to offer services covering this entire spectrum, has enabled MLB to qualify as the first-choice provider among a large proportion of our broadly based clientele.


Faster Execution from first meeting to full offer to completed solution by MLB Advisory

  • Mission/Task
    MLB Advisory provides highly professional initial support to identify the client's problem.
  • Offering/Solution
    MLB Advisory's initial offering accords fully to the project brief and client's requests.
  • Tailor-made action plan
    MLB Advisory produces a step-by-step action plan.
  • Project and Action Management
    MLB Advisory´s Project Management controls the project from research to delivery.
  • Infrastructure
    MLB Advisory uses its own resources in all steps. No external consultancy is needed, thus shortening the time-schedule.
  • Delivery
    MLB Advisory´s experienced consultants ensure a flexible approach and high-quality delivery time.
  • Follow-up
    MLB Advisory is looking beyond standard results and is striving to deliver customized solutions that resolve significant issues for our clients. We regard follow-up work as being just as important in order to create lasting competitive advantage for our clients.