Partner & Alliances Research

Implementing “Matchmaking”

Partnership & Alliances

Establishing a green field project in Russia is time-consuming, costly, plagued with uncertainty and requires extensive local market knowledge. Hence, a lot of our clients are looking to partner up in joint-ventures to kick-start their expansion in Russia or to align themselves with alliance partners in their field of focus.

In this context it is important and sometimes critical to understanding your strengths and weaknesses by benchmarking against the competition. Understanding your customers' needs and communicating the value of your offerings are crucial when companies are defining and developing strategic alliance initiatives.

Based on MLB Advisory´s experience with strategic industries, we will identify, analyse and implement the “match-making” in order to find the appropriate partner and the optimal configuration for the client's best interests, or provide the client with a second opinion, subject to their needs.
Our team of international experts has extensive experience in what can happen when things are handled incorrectly, providing you with hands-on “best practice” advice to avoid pitfalls in the market.

As an option, we also share our experiences and suggested approach of the business deals to structure an option offering the possibility to  buy-out the partners in the future.

By providing historic facts of the partner or people associated with the partner we allow our clients to make well-informed decisions about whom they partner with.

We also offer silent participation during negotiations to validate the partner’s intentions, a method which at an early stage can make sure that you as an investor are not wasting time or bringing on uncontrollable risks.