M&A Advisory

MLB Advisory’s Approach: Identification and Analysis

MLB Advisory’s approach is to be engaged in close cooperation with our client's Investment bank, in-house M&A department and legal representatives, as well as specialists in financial, legal and tax due diligence.
Our objective is to combine all the traditional elements of due diligence throughout the whole process; from sales pitch to data room sessions, to closing of the deal, with a focus on verifying facts.

In buy-side mandates we, for example, engage in:

  • Stakeholder mapping, with the objective of identifying possible hidden beneficiaries
  • Verifying information - is the balance sheet information provided to us accurate?
  • What is the owner’s link to key clients, partners, vendors, local politics and other drivers of value creation or the potential risk associated with them?

To ensure success in this area MLB Advisory´s team consists of a range of backgrounds: from government, the financial sector and industry professionals as well as consulting expertise. Acquisition or divestment – MLB Advisory provides full support from the beginning of the transaction through to its completion.

We will guide you through the transaction process using facts and facts only backing up our advisory.