Financial Monitoring

Raising red flags

Companies and organizations are often at risk when required by their partners to continue investments or in situations when creditors have cancelled payments to mention two examples. MLB Advisory's advanced approach effectively identifies, monitors and controls potential exposures in order to successfully protect investments.

MLB Advisory´s experienced departments will make a penetrating analysis of the object or project, which includes primary control of objects/projects.
The subsequent control of the identification data of the object/project enables general supervision of the financial activity of various objects, as well as monitoring the financial operations of such objects.

MLB Advisory provides observance and supervision of the implementation of laws, conducts operational analysis of submitted information about various transactions, and submits tactical and strategic analysis of
unusual as well as common operations.

Due to our experienced large in-house Business Intelligence Services team we are able to reduce risks by raising red flags before or at the beginning of a project, breaking down risks and exposure into components such as financial, contractual, operational, and organizational.