Prevent, Detect and Correct

Financial and commercial damage as well as brand / Intellectual Property damage are serious threats for both public and private sectors in any market. Fraud and misconduct issues continue to be major concerns for organizations and companies acting on the Russian market.
That’s why many companies turn to MLB Advisory. We help clients turn risk into opportunity. Our professionals support our clients in their increasing challenge to find appropriate paths in the complex environment of increased regulations.

Whether the case is irregularities, disputes, contract compliance, regulatory compliance or large transactions, perplexing problems can quickly arise where the company loses control of the situation, which in turn may lead to further damage to the company.

MLB Advisory helps to prevent, detect and correct situations where companies  risk suffering financial loss and even loss of stakeholder confidence.

MLB Advisory is also actively supporting a launched program in the Russian Federation aiming at recovering assets that have been stolen and/or hidden, by operational support.

In addition we also keep a close relationship with our legal partners, interest groups and well-known highly regarded international partners, striving to produce solutions which are not just customary and which worked well in the past, but to actually solve the matter step-by-step.