Listen, lobby & influence

In Russia, compared to other markets, there is often a scarcity of published and freely available information. Therefore, it is MLB Advisory objective to assemble a team of professionals to serve the need of the client in terms of providing comprehensive and valuable market knowledge.

One of the greatest challenges that our clients experience in Government Relations is identifying the true stakeholders who wield power in business and in their specific industry sector. Thus, our Government Relations team's initial goal is to fully understand and map out
these stakeholders.

Secondly, we advise our clients on how best to position themselves to manage the operations of their business and, more importantly, on a long-term strategy for doing business in the Russian Federation.

We have access to an outstanding network, close day-to-day cooperation with Authorities on Federal and Regional levels, not limited just to MLB, which enables us to work effectively through on-going long-term partnerships.